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Mark is the author, editor or ghostwriter of numerous books. His own creations include Blaire's Bridge and Mailbox by the Sea, in addition to the upcoming books Searching for Walden, The Front Porch of Cracker Barrel, Dog Daze (the first in the Duplin Animal Clinc Series), Missing in Mississippi and
The Murder of Jason Sinclair. Mark is also the co-author of Yes, Sir! Mr. President.

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The Ultimate Beach Read Is Here!
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Amy Cole has her entire life mapped out by her mother, Catherine; finish high school, attend Juilliard School in New York and become a famous concert violinist. Amy reluctantly agrees to her mother's plans. That's when she meets Mason, the most humble, loving guy she has ever known Their innocent summer romance evolves into falling deeply in love.

Catherine sees Mason as a threat to her plans for Amy and orchestrates a series of schemes to tear them apart, even inviting the son of a wealthy Charlotte doctor to their beach home in hopes of convincing Amy he is a better choice than Mason.

Years later, Mason receives a mysterious letter from Amy's aunt. The letter sends Mason on a quest to visit a mailbox on a beach Amy spoke about frequently. Known as Kindred Spirit Mailbox, Amy and her aunt would visit the mailbox often to read the expressions of love and loss left by people from all over the world. What will happen when Mason accepts the letter's request to be at the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on a certain day and time? What secrets will he learn? It's an ending that will stay with you a long time.


Yes, Sir! Mr. President
 by Howie Franklin with Mark Grady

Howie Franklin is part of presidential history. He became the first and only U.S. Air Force Flight Attendant to work for five U.S. Presidents aboard Air Force One. From the last of the Ford administration through the first portion of Bill Clinton's presidency, Howie traveled the globe serving the leader of the free world, making sure his meals were prepared and even making sure they were up and out the door of Air Force One on time.

Prior to his Air Force One days, Howie served as a flight attendant to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger during his historic shuttle diplomacy missions.

Howie's amazing story is an insight into life on board the president's plane and a look into the personal personalities of five presidents.

"Howie knows all of your inner secrets (on Air Force One).”
- Marlin Fitzwater, press secretary to Presidents Reagan and Bush

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Blaire's Bridge  
by Mark Grady

Life's most inspirational moments often happen in places we sometimes take for granted.

Clark Worthington is Clayton High School's favorite teacher. He and his daughter Cathy are having a difficult time rebounding from a family tragedy. Cathy is also dealing with unexpected feelings for one of the school's most popular jocks, Austin James, whose reputation for playing the field extends beyond sports.

The Worthingtons are not alone in searching for answers. Many in the town are dealing with their own demons. Soon a half-century old gift, a covered bridge built by a man for his dying wife, will transport the entire community to a new place, filled with hope and understanding.

This is the magical story of . . . BLAIRE'S BRIDGE.

Read the book that became an independent film shot in Clayton, North Carolina and at the historic Pisgah Covered Bridge near Asheboro. It's on sale now as special discounted rate.

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