Mark Grady is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker and
award-winning speaker. He is the author of Mailbox by the
and Blaire's Bridge. Mark directed the feature film
version of Blaire's Bridge and he wrote and directed the
southern comedy movie Whistling Pines.

Mark still works in film mostly under a pseudonym today. His upcoming books include Second Chance Suzie, The Front Porch of Cracker Barrel, Searching for Walden, and The Murder of Jason Sinclair.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Mark worked in broadcasting for 22 years ranging in jobs from writing and producing television commercials to being a radio talk show
host. His last years in broadcasting were spent as an award-
winning traffic watch pilot and reporter. He also spent years in a part-time position traveling to all 50 states conducting aviation safety seminars for civilian and military pilots.

Mark lives on a 65-acre lake in southeastern North Carolina where he spends his days writing first drafts on a Smith-Corona typewriter and feeding the ducks who demand he provide them the best cracked corn money can buy.



Mark Grady